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“The awards show was only the third thing I had produced and she sat and told me exactly how to do it,” he wrote.“Initially, I said: 'No, I want to do it my way.' But 20 minutes after leaving her house I called her back and said: 'No, I am going to do it your way.' Some of his acquaintances proved more surprising than others and a number were revealed by Gest during his second reality TV stint.David Gest lived a colourful life that began in Los Angeles, travelled across the world and settled in York before his sudden death aged 62.As a lifelong member of the entertainment business, a producer and, later in life, a reality TV star, Gest never strayed far from the industry, accruing a number of famous friends along the way.Those who did know of him thought he was, frankly, little more than a hanger-on; a showbusiness impresario, who had latched on to a star in her twilight years. Two of the backing singers are called Lisa – "that's Lisa with a capital S," he says archly. Look at how I ended up." True, his appearance is rather, unusual. Michael looked fine with his first surgery so I thought I would turn into some male model. Simple as that." The singer, he says, stood by him when he was lambasted for suing Minnelli for £5 million, a claim he later dropped. In fact, Gest, apart from being wealthy in his own right, was a successful music promoter who produced shows with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Sophia Loren and Michael Jackson. Gest is in the process of dumping his homeland, the United States. Taking top billing hasn't been easy for Gest, mostly because he suffers from a very healthy reality check. Actually, in real life he looks less odd than he appears in celluloid. Did not work out." When Jackson died earlier this year, Gest spoke of his deep affection for the singer, who had been a friend since childhood. For legal reasons, he can say little about Minnelli but admits: "Living with an alcoholic was a nightmare. Here, it is democratic debate." Gest, born in California, became obsessed with music as a teenager. Liza Minelli's ex, David Guest, nuzzles up to new girlfriend Da Brat.

I still go to Mc Donald's - give me Mc Donald's fries over gourmet chips any day.” He eventually began making plans to permanently move to Harrogate, in York, and would be often be spotted frequenting local cafes and shops, even popping up behind the counter of a local fish and chip shop.

His death is shrouded in mystery like so much else in his extremely eventful life: found dead at the age of just 62 in a luxury London hotel, the erstwhile husband of Liza Minnelli, confidant of Michael Jackson, reality show contestant, multi- millionaire music producer and general oddball will not be around to entertain us any more.

With his strange egg-shaped face, stretched skin, lavish dollops of orange make-up and suspiciously dark quiff and facial hair, Gest admitted to a couple of bouts of plastic surgery (using Michael Jackson’s surgeon) and his was not a look often found in nature.

“I was about 14 when I became friends with Michael,” he told the in 2014. At 16 I was going out with Latoya Jackson, it was just puppy love and nothing serious.

She got sick one night and Michael asked if I would drive him to a memorabilia show in Pasadena.

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