Tips for dating an architect

On the quest to finding our perfect match it seems we blindly let personality type tests and zodiac signs decide our fate to bring us closer to the one — and we’re not alone.

Even if Hollywood doesn’t really understand what we do, there is clearly a perception that architects are ethical and responsible and will endeavor to make the right decision to their own detriment.

Now, the popular personality test, which analyzes 16 different personality types, is believed to also help us easily identify who our ideal zodiac matches are, what our ideal first date would be, and whether we are romantic, sexual, or lovable.

Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, two psychological theorists, studied the works of Carl Gustav Jung, who divided an individual’s psychological functions into four different categories, producing 16 different personality types.

Until, four minutes later, they realize they’re caffeine deprived and, ethics be damned, this presentation needs to get to Dubai by 1AM…

Prepare yourself for constant references to this mysterious place called “Studio” that they spent every waking moment of their college lives in, and never being let on on the inside jokes, with explanations like “you had to be there” or “it was a lot funnier at four in the morning.” They didn’t get through 5 years of architectural school by being lazy, indifferent and stupid. Ask them about how many people dropped out of their program freshman year – they’ll be all too proud to tell you that “they were one of the few” who made it out unscathed.”) They know just enough about every culturally relevant artist, philosopher, composer etc to make them seem exceptionally worldly and cultured – your parents should love them.

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