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In the same year, he was officially banned from the country of Bermuda for a lecture he did stating among other things that, "Black men should only date and marry Black women." Based on his adamant stance against homosexuality, interracial dating and marriage, and sex, the Home Affairs Minister for Bermuda, Michael Fahy, banned Ayo Kimathi from Bermuda for at least (5) years in 2015. And these stories shared some commonalities - namely that most of these girls were raped by someone in their family and they never shared the story with their fathers for fear they would kill their rapists and go to jail.He graduated high school in 1991 and enrolled in Hampton University.The title he goes by when lecturing is the "Irritated Genie of Soufeese." He began his activist career in 1994 with a locally based Washington, D. Black community group called Positive Kemetic Visions (PKV).This group was most known for taking a public position against homosexuality, pedophilia, and poor behavioral standards in the Black community. He graduated from an out-of-state private school in 1991 and attended Hampton University for college.In 1995, Kimathi took a job as a Small Business Specialist for the Department of the Navy.He worked there until 2003 when he quit to write the book, 'War on the Horizon -Black Resistance to the white-sex Assault' which he released in 2005.her live-in lover, former Representative and Defense Secretary Les Aspin, there are dozens of female journalists for whom the power of appropriations is not an aphrodisiac. And yet, the reporter-seductress Washington dramas and in part because women reporters are reluctant to signal to any source—past, present, or future—that they might not be discreet or trustworthy.Such stories tend to fall on the spectrum somewhere between amusing and Sometimes it’s enough to turn a reporter off from her source permanently.

Kimathi (born December 2, 1973) is a native-born Washingtonian and self-proclaimed 21st-century Black freedom-fighter.

He is an outspoken Black activist and international lecturer who focuses on Black racial survival and helping African people avert genocide in the 21st century.

Born in Southeast Greater Community hospital, he spent his early life in Southeast Washington, D.

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