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Green Card Rescission/Revocation Once granted residency there are still events that can result in the loss of the green card.

Two common causes of the loss of residency are abandonment and criminal convictions.

Green Dot Money Pak cards are not linked to bank accounts - the money is on the card.

Anyone you share your card number with, has instant access to your cash and can siphon the card dry."He stole every cent of my money," De Virgilio said.

An immigrant visa for permanent legal residency (typically called a "green card") allows a foreign national to live and work in the United States, usually indefinitely.

People seeking immigrant visas usually are sponsored by an employer or a family member, but there are other avenues toward obtaining an immigrant visa.

The Green Dot website warns customers about possible scams and reminds them to never give their card number to people they don't know.

The Petition Virtually every application for permanent residence requires an associated immigrant visa petition.

In most employment based applications the employer petitions on behalf of the beneficiary.

There are other application types that permit the beneficiary to petition on their own behalf.

Green Dot Money Pak cards serve a purpose for some people.

The cards aren't the problem, so remember if you use them, never share your number with a stranger.

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