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I never look worse than right when I get into the shower. My upright body in the low lighting of that shower.

I’ve got goosebumps, fogged up eyes and my melting makeup makes me look like a jar of mayonnaise someone left in the sun. My shower looks like a cleaner version of the Saw bathroom — the lighting is horrible.

I see sexier men every day of my life, and not just because I have a calendar with shirtless firefighters on it.With Tom and Janna as guests, the sleepover turns out to be anything but "normal." You are in love with Corazon, the owner of a modest but awesome costume shop, but there is a little problem: he has fallen hard for the doctor Trafalgar Law.However, wanting to keep your friendship with Corazon, you swallow back your feelings and do your best to make those two end together, while dealing with your two crazy but funny coworkers who are also in love but in denial, your best friend and roommate that still wants to pair you with Corazon, and with Corazon's older brother who appears after several years of being absent and who seems to have quite an interest in you. I’d be willing to be that even back in ancient times when taking a shower meant standing under a waterfall or an elephant squirting water from its trunk or whatever that it was still a miserable experience.Everyone knows that trying to get it on the shower is always a bad idea, but every single time it’s brought up, I agree like a total moron only to end up with the opposite of no ragrets.

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