Rihanna dating football player

We may actually have a storyline worth following in the Finals after all.

Last we checked, a restless, injury-rehabilitating Joel Embiid had conceded his Twitter effort to DM with Kim Kardashian and moved on to publicly asking Rihanna on a date. until this important update (via Scott Chasen and Lana Berry): 1.

Barnes also has had a thing for Rihanna for a while.

He made her his WCW on Instagram a few months ago, and that comes after flirting with her over Twitter years ago.

Barnes felt the need to reply to Rihanna’s claims, writing, “Hahaa wow” next to her post, E! (Rihanna has not replied as of yet.) But just because the “Four Five Seconds” singer doesn’t have a budding romance with Barnes hardly means she’s all alone.

She has been recently spotted with Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton on several occasions in the last few weeks — including on a trip to her home country of Barbados where they were snapped soaking up sun on a yacht and frolicking at the island’s Kadooment Day parade.

The Met Gala took place in New York last night, and this year the theme was Comme des Garcons - a celebration of visionary designer Rei Kawakubo and the label she launched in Tokyo in 1973.Game 1 of the NBA Finals went more or less as expected, as the Warriors blew the doors of the Cavs to take a 1–0 lead in the series.Aside from a flurry of first-half dunks, the highlight of the game occurred in the fourth quarter, when Kevin Durant drilled a three and stared down pop star/literal queen Rihanna.earlier shouting “Brick! At the podium after the game, Durant was asked about the staredown, and basically lied to all of us when he claimed not to remember the incident.I’m sure deep down Durant was hurt that Ri Ri was cheering for the Cavs as opposed to the Dubs.(We all know how sensitive KD is about finishing second to Le Bron—this one has to sting the most.)I think KD really blew an opportunity to embrace his feelings here.

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