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If you haven’t already recorded your webcam footage, you can do that using the Camtasia recorder.Start by dragging your webcam footage from the media bin to the timeline.It’s important to note that Camtasia will only produce videos that are on the timeline.To create that cool picture-in-picture effect, start by dragging the video to the timeline. It feels more like performing for an invisible audience than having a conversation, because that's essentially what it is. This year, the company will do 2.5 million interviews, up from 13,000 five years ago. A recent graduate of UCLA, Rosen was applying to be a page at NBC (yes, yes, just like Kenneth) when he learned he wouldn't be going to an office to talk to a human being about his skills. In the more humane experience, a hiring manager, who also isn't all that practiced in the art of digital video, delivers taped questions. And wouldn't we all love the redo option after making up an answer and mumbling it, too? It's a pretty slick encounter, a little like Face Time, except you're forced to stare at your big, nervous face as you wax on about why you want to work at the company.

He recorded his answers and sent them back to a hiring manager at NBC for review at the company's convenience. You talk to your computer, record the responses, and send them back to the company.If and when he has to do it again, Black said, he would practice in front of a mirror with a stopwatch before the interview.Rosen said it might help to have someone sit behind the computer, as the interview happens, so it's like talking to a person instead of a screen. The best advice might be to just relax."It's OK to come across as uncomfortable in front of the camera, because everyone is," said Scott Mitchell, a recruiter for American Wedding Group, which uses video interviews to prescreen the 1,900 independent contractors it works with. We're putting you in an uncomfortable position."The robo-interview hasn't replaced human interaction completely.You have two other options for adding a video to a Discussion. OPTION 1-SELECT A VIDEO FROM MY MEDIA If you already have videos in your My Media collection, you can simply select a file and it will be added in your reply to a discussion topic.(Learn more about My Media.) OPTION 2-MEDIA UPLOAD Upload a pre-existing video stored elsewhere or on your hard drive, and select it to add to your reply in a discussion assignment.

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