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Abstinence before marriage, and fidelity within marriage — refraining from sex with someone other than your husband or wife — is just one of those basic rules that keeps you inside the Christian community. Practicing premarital chastity is also important because it safeguards and protects marital sex — that is, it protects us, so that if and when we do get married, we are able to experience sex as God intended it to be. Think about the TV shows or movies you've seen, in which people have premarital sex. It is almost always portrayed as being — because, almost by definition, it is part of a relationship that is itself not wholly stable.Even when you've been dating someone for a year, the lack of permanence that characterizes your relationship seems to add a certain frisson to everything you do with that person, from going on a Saturday hike to smooching on the sofa. It becomes a ritual in itself; it becomes a routine.

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And if you’re the one who has to set boundaries, pray for your boyfriend to have an understanding heart that appreciates your openness and commitment to holy living. Love is meant to act as an “on-ramp”: As emotional love deepens, physical attraction grows. But in dating relationships we have to be very cautious. If you know you’re tempted to go too far when you’re alone, stop meeting at one another’s apartments. Some couples even take separate cars to their dates in order to protect their purity.It can be difficult to be the “strict” couple—the couple whose standards are higher than everyone else’s.But it’s more important to protect your purity than it is to please people.They might laugh or make fun of you, but God isn’t laughing. Finally, the best way to protect your purity is to pray together.He’s smiling at your commitment to His Word and His ways. As you lift your relationship up to God, you are inviting Him into your love story.

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