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My family and I liked these so much that, the same night, I made a double batch for us all to snack on during the week.The second time I made these, I let them bake the full time and cool completely and they did get crispy but they really weren't too hard like the mouth-cutting biscotti from my old coffeehouse job. I used 1 tbsp of homemade tahitian vanilla extract, and sprinkled demerara sugar on top. I made 2 versions from the KA cookie cookbook, one with cinnamon chips and cinnamon, and then a cinnamon vanilla glaze.I brush the top with water and let stand a few minutes before slicing and use a serrated knife. I wound up coating with chocolate and adding toasted almonds.My family loves this recipe, I have been making it for a few years. Our favorite variations are Chocolate chip and Anise. We like add in better than the plain or dipped versions. I also crumbled it in a bowl and topped with Greek yogurt, chocolate, berries, and toasted slmonds.Keith surprises the panellists with the news that he is about to introduce a very special A-list guest who wants to pop by.It is revealed to be none other than Kim Kardashian...I make these almost weekly and they are a huge hit with everyone. I back by weight not volume and love the fact that you can swap the ounces to grams as you like to suit your style. This may make a subtle change in the final texture and rise of the biscotti (making them rise slightly less), but the difference is small if any.

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They are crumbly and also super popular -- not too sweet, very fragrant.

"Mollie shakes her head: "No"Keith reacts: "She hasn’t got any on!

When you’re the cover star of a magazine, you have to make sure you look sizzling hot for their issue launch party.

I saved one loaf's equivalent of biscotti so I can hand deliver them to my mom and sister later this week, but I haven't told them about it yet just in case the biscotti don't make it through the next few days in a house full of kids who now have a taste for this wonderful homemade treat. The other was with cocoa powder and ground up bittersweet chocolate and toasted almond slivers.

For the cocoa powder and ground up bittersweet chocolate, I had to add some of the sugar from the recipe into the mixture to get it to grind to a fine enough powder.

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