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“I wanna get a little drunk, but I also want some pancakes.” You know what eggnog really is. I watch the Discovery Channel, and you know what I discovered–I need a girlfriend. You’re not gonna want to hear it, but I’ll tell ya. You might as well pour it down your back and slap your self on the ass. ‘Cause that Discovery Channel is the most boring shit I’ve ever seen in my life, and the more of it you watch, the less chance you ever have of meeting a woman, cause it fills your head full of odd facts that come out at any moment like Tourette’s Syndrome.

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Users swipe right if they like what they see and swipe left if they don’t.So someone might primarily have joined Tinder because it seemed like the cool thing to do, but they might also have a desire to meet a potential romantic partner or hookup.In another recent study, by Sindy Sumter and colleagues, a sample of 163 Dutch Tinder users rated the extent to which various motives described their reasons for using Tinder.In the popular media, Tinder very much has the reputation of being a "hookup" app, designed to facilitate fleeting sexual encounters.At the peak of the Tinder hype, an article in The study mostly involved open-ended questions regarding users' motivations for and experiences using the app.

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    ’ ‘Spend time chatting with your match to see if you guys are really going to be compatible – then you should have a good sense of whether you’re going to hit it off when you meet in person.’ For those who want a wingwoman, this is for you.