Luke walton dating

Walton, a product of Bill Walton and then Lute Olson, was hired away from the Warriors to be the construction foreman on what seems to be a lengthy reclamation project.At 36, Walton is the youngest head coach in the NBA.LOS ANGELES — Luke Walton offers his pleasantries and squeezes through a horde of reporters.Bill Oram, the Lakers beat writer for the Orange County Register, holds out his tape recorder and gestures it toward the first-year head coach.

Luke also tried his hand at sports broadcasting on Time Warner Cable Sports Net, which fans enjoyed but Luke always had coaching in his blood, which should have LA fans thanking their lucky stars.

Oram asks Walton to place his recorder on the podium as he addresses the media, and in the NBA, where head coaches are often crustier than a 4-year-old’s least favorite sandwich, this would be considered breaking etiquette.

Ask most NBA head coaches to do you a favor, and they’d laugh.

Walton eschews some of the tried-and-true methods veteran coaches use with their players — freeze-outs, cold shoulders, angry snarls — and instead tells them his door is always open.

Walton’s transition from assistant coach to temporary head coach last season with the Warriors — with Steve Kerr sidelined after back surgery, Walton led the team to a stunning 39-4 record before ceding the floor with Kerr’s late-January return — has paid dividends this season.“I’ve had coaches I’ve really got along with, assistant coaches; assistants are always the coolest,” Deng said.

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