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My job is to work with teachers and administrators to improve student learning outcomes.

If there was a Chemistry lab, I did it with my host student.I couldn’t believe how alert my host student was, because it took a lot of conscious effort for me not to get up and start doing jumping jacks in the middle of Science just to keep my mind and body from slipping into oblivion after so many hours of sitting passively.I was drained, and not in a good, long, productive-day kind of way. I had planned to go back to my office and jot down some initial notes on the day, but I was so drained I couldn’t do anything that involved mental effort (so instead I watched TV) and I was in bed by .Tucked into the cliffs of the north coast, this resort is our best kept secret for an island escape with a white sand beach, lush gardens and endless adventure.Play Video Pirates Island is filled with gigantic waterslides, kid-friendly pools and swim-up soda bars.

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