Dating someone with bad table manners

Now I can eat with just about anyone of any social standing and not fear my table manners, but I have to make an effort to set my fork down, put my hands in my lap and chew.I try to keep my lips together when I chew so I can't talk with my mouth full, and I take smaller bites so I can swallow quickly if I need to take part in the conversation. Friday, June 01, 2007, AM I know I've posted this in other threads, but there may be an underlying medical reason for it.I have a friend who had a deviated septum/concha bullosa that was so severe he could not breathe through his nose at all.He had to chew with his mouth open so that he could breathe, or risk passing out!Even if your husband isn't losing weight, you could serve smaller portions and let him go back for seconds.Friday, June 01, 2007, AM my friend's boyfriend does the same thing, even with company! at one point in the video, he has so much steak in his mouth that he can hardly speak, but he speaks anyway..tell her to stop making grossed out faces.Just tell him you find it unattractive and leave it at that.Sadly many folks associate bad table manners with a lack of intelligence and/or social ineptness.

I find myself saying from time to time "honey, swallow first.continue" but it falls on deaf ears and the habit continues.My Ex used to slurp his cereal so loudly, I had to leave the room or turn something noisy on to drown out the noise. Notice I said "ex." He's found someone else he'd like to hear him slurp his cereal now!It's much quieter at the breakfast table these days! Tuesday, June 05, 2007, PM My husband does the same thing. It's especially annoying when he's eating something hard, like nuts.However it is about being aware of how your behavior is perceived by others. I know I tend to gobble down food and talk with my mouth full as well.I grew up with a military dad who insisted we all eat like we were in a mess hall, so I have had to overcome that.

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