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The auditorium was renamed the Herbst Theatre in 1977.A U D I T O R I U M 1926-1958 - Community of Christ Auditorium building, 100 West Walnut, Independence, Missouri (USA).Built by Count Jean-Jaques de Sellon [1782-1839] on his estate La Fenetre (which now belongs to the United Nations).Destroyed during a storm in 1946, but its stones remain in storage (as shown in lower image).It will become the first specialized agency of the United Nations system after the demise of the League in 1946.The ILO has a tripartite governing structure representing governments, employers and workers (usually with a ratio of 2:1:1).

Formally called "Washington Conversations on International Peace and Security Organization." "The 'Big Four' (China, Russia, UK & USA) met here with the main objective to create an organization that 'would maintain international peace and security, by peaceful means, if possible, and economic sanctions and force if necessary; and to promote security by encouraging economic and social cooperation among nations.'" Dumbarton Oaks (in Georgetown at 1703-32nd Street, NW) is a Federal-style house & estate built in 1801 and owned since 1940 by Harvard University.August 28, 1913 - Vredespaleis / Peace Palace, Carnegieplein 2, The Hague (Netherlands).Constructed just before World War I by the Carnegie Foundation -- and still owned by the Carnegie Foundation.1925 - Le Puddleur, at an entrance to the International Labour Organization (ILO), Geneva (Switzerland).The sculpture, by Constantin Meunier [1831-1905], is a gift of Belgium to the ILO. September 14, 1929 - Peace Fountain, Amsterdam Park, St. as a mark of his love [for peace]." 1936 - Palais des Nations / Palace of Nations, Geneva (Switzerland). Since the 1950's, it has served as the home of the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) and contains more art works (peace monuments) than shown on this web page.

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