Dating and anti depressants speed dating tony herbert

Tony, 30, said: "I felt a universal, general numbness. Switching to a different antidepressant was a huge improvement.

Now I know how I can enjoy sex, as well as orgasm relatively easily and consistently; I just have to be patient with myself."Despite the effects her meds have had on her sex drive, Sara wouldn't ditch them: “While my sex life was substantially better, my mental health became impossible to control.

Some of these tablets can produce nasty indigestion, but you can usually stop this by taking them with food.

More seriously, they may interfere with your sexual function.

If you're not keen on a drug holiday, try changing up different factors around your sex drive to pinpoint what makes it worse and what makes it better.

Dr Tierney Lorenz suggests keeping a journal, making notes on your i Cal, and even tracking your desire using a period tracker (Clue has a nice feature for this)."Keep careful track of what’s worked and under what conditions.

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