Cleveland dating fetishes

His novel, “God’s Other Son,” spent three months on the New York Times best-seller list driven there by listeners to his program who bought the book to get him to shut up about it.His most recent book, “Two Guys, Four Corners,” a collection of photographs of desert rocks accompanied by wrenchingly inane captions, rose to number 13 on the New York Times best set-seller list ...

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He walks around with a Fred Flintstone beard and ever-tired eyes, talking football with whoever he meets.

Seems Pederson had been driving without his lights on, and the cop took his license and registration and went back to his car to write him up. He handed Pederson the license and registration back, with nothing else.

Rookie Eagles coach Doug Pederson was driving home from the Philadelphia airport one night this off-season and got pulled over by a cop.

But that’s another story best left to another biography.

Imus is also a best-selling author and an accomplished amateur photographer.

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