Blind dating 101

My point is, why spend so much money on a blind date (not to mention all that time), if I find no chemistry with her, or if she finds none with me?Wouldn't we both be uncomfortable and just faking it?It’s not considered rude to look around at other people, going to the bathroom often will look more like you’ve been drinking a lot instead of purposely killing time and the chances of bumping into other people you can talk to for a while are much higher. Traveling is the only vice that makes you richer the more you spend. I like history, food, culture, trying out new things, discovering unique things, and most of all, sharing these experiences with the people I know.In short, there are a lot of distractions just in case your date doesn’t go well. If he calls or texts in the future but you don’t want to talk/see him, delay your replies over text exaggeratedly long and answer his missed calls with text messages instead of a call back. A few years back, when I was still studying in Madrid, I typed up a list of restaurants for a classmates dad who was going to visit her.When digging up dirt on the guy, try not to dig too deep. Remember: once you find something out, you can’t delete it from your brain as you would your hard drive.I’m not even talking about finding out that he once molested a farm animal.

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Dinner is a good way to really get to know a person as opposed to a club but unless you or the friend that’s setting you up are capable of carrying a conversation even if you don’t find anything in common with your date, it’s not advisable to meet in a place where sitting down next to each other is involved. Bars will be your best bet since your movements are not restricted. But if he’s one of those dense and persistent ones, well that’s where you turn to your pimp friend and tell her to fix this mess while you give her an uppercut with the brute force of a NASA rocket launch.

There’s nothing like having parents pimp out their children to their friends children in a sort of adult version of House House. Although we still have moms and aunts trying to hook us up with their friend’s kids, we now have a say in the matter because now, we’re not as desperate. We’ve been in the dating scene for years and we don’t have to rely on other peoples taste anymore. ”, I’m going to help the girls out there on how to survive a blind date instead of helping out my male comrades.

You may remember it more as prom and we all know how much fun that was.

Of course, we still have to deal with your head saying “How do I tell him I don’t want to see him ever again without being rude to both him and my friend? If he says that you should go out again, agree to it but don’t ask when. But resending the same email over and over was tiring.

I also found out that friends were passing my old lists to their friends even if I had updated versions. To my friends both here and abroad (and to their friends as well), you will still need to do your research but this should help you save some time.

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