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These include: Because a font must reside on the computer from which the file is being printed, most output providers ask content creators to send fonts along with a job for print output.

While font foundries have different rules for the exchange of their products (based on the license agreement that we usually glibly “agree” to so we can install the font), the typical agreement allows fonts to be sent along with a job for print output, but the output provider also must have a license to use that font.

Still others will offer no warning at all that a restricted font is being used.

Using the “Document Properties” option available in Adobe Acrobat or Reader lets users confirm a font is embedded in a PDF file.

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All too often, content creators use a product like Microsoft Word as a layout application.

Consider Distiller, Adobe’s flagship PDF creation tool.

Distiller ships with several canned “PDF settings” (a.k.a.

So why are there still so many font-related problems?

While most default PDF creation methods are set to embed fonts, it still is easy to inadvertently omit a font from the final PDF file.

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