Accommodating multinational societies in nigeria

Division of labour was along gender lines, and women controlled such occupations as food processing, mat weaving, pottery making, and cooking.

Moreover, land was communally owned, and women had access to it through their husbands or parents.

Some analysts have described the European Union as a multinational state or a potential one.

Many attempts have been made to define what a multinational state is.

She could evoke the power of the spirit or gods in her favour.

Or she could simply withdraw and use the kitchen as her own personal domicile for interaction with her colleagues, friends, and children.

In her own palace, the queen mother presided over meetings, with subordinate titleholders in her support. The most serious threat to the influence and privileges of women occurred during the 20th century, when patriarchy combined with colonial changes to alter gender relations.Intelligent, educated, and confident, they can be found in all leading occupations; they now challenge many aspects of patriarchy and are gradually organizing to ensure that the political arena expands sufficiently to accommodate them. A multinational state is a sovereign state that comprises two or more nations.As male chiefs collaborated with the British colonial administration in collecting taxes and governing, the position of female chiefs declined in importance.When the economy became increasingly geared toward the production of cash crops for export, Nigerian men and European firms dominated the distribution of rubber, cocoa, groundnuts (peanuts), and palm oil.

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